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To stay under the siege… when a lover has to make a decision

2018-06-05 14:46:09

To stay under the siege… when a lover has to make a decision

We were in .Kafarbatna, in a district that had been hit with all kinds of weapons.

We were living in horror, fear and hunger.

The most frightening moments were when a fire broke out and I imagined its flames were close and about to burn our house.

When asked about the kind of support she could get in her hardship she replied:

{the best moments were when my husband and my brother would bring some soup (a lot of water with some rice, but tastes good)}

When we asked her to talk about their departure from Kafarbatna to Aintarma she said:

One day, my husband got home and told us that we must leave Kafarbatna to Ain Tarma at once as the situation was getting worse and the regime forces could invade the town. We left Kafarbatna under intensive shelling and bombing by 7 helicopters, the most difficult moment was when the car broke down, we took a shelter in a cellar, it was really hard moments, my brain stopped thinking, I thought it was the end and began to read Qur'an and pray to God, I was unable to sleep for the 3 Following nights.

In Ain Tarma the bombardment was intensifying, a helicopter hit a neighboring building, our bomb shelter was full of dust and rubble, I began to scream (I want to die, I don't want to live anymore)

The days later, my husband would go out to see if it is possible to leave, meanwhile I used to pray to God to support us and help us to make the right decision.

One day, when he came back to the cellar and told me it was difficult to leave, I began to cry (I don't want to stay here anymore, I want to leave at once. I stayed here for him and he is no longer alive)

She told us about the death of her brother Yaser:

I was in the cellar waiting for my husband to come back to tell him that I can't stay any more,

 he told me that my brother Yaser had died, I was shocked, it was a black day for me

I was with Yaser in that very morning, he was looking for me, when we met he hugged me, cried on my shoulder and asked me not to depart to Damascus and I promised him to stay with him.

This woman refused to flee from the siege to stay with her brother and keep her promise, then her brother died and she was forced to live under this inhuman siege.

 Razan Zouby, a psychologist at INSAN commented that this woman was living in a state of horror and fear, in some difficult moments she felt desperate and disable, the thought of death was preventing her from thinking, suffering made her prefer death to life.

The loss of her dear brother had its bad impact on her and she decided to leave…


She experienced hunger, insomnia, horror, she lived under bombardment, she lost her brother, all these traumatic incidents have their negative impact on her mental state.

Reading Qur'an, praying to God were the relief of her suffering.

Her absolute belief in God and fate could help her cope with her hardship, moreover, the sympathy of her relatives and friends who shared the same suffering is supportive as they all satisfy the need for safety and affection. 

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